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How to find a Pilates Instructor...

If you are searching for a Pilates instructor, search for someone that has teaching values that align with your movement values. That means asking questions, trying a session or 2 or 3 (that doesn't mean you have to commit to them forever). That might lok asking around from current clients about their experience. Check out their social media. What kind of messages are they putting out there? Are they talking about how many calories the class burned today, but you just want someone to help your back feel better? Might not be a great fit. Are they talking about finding new connections/body awareness but have massive class sizes and you know you want more personalized feedback? Might not be quite right. Know what you are want first, and then seek it out!! I promise it's out there!!

I also encourage you to spend some time sharpening your own inner guru skills so you know what you need/are looking for and can communicate with your instructor how they can support you!

I also encourage you to ask about their training background! That's not the end all be all. I've met instructors with minimal certifications but years of experience who are amazing, and instructors who literally teach instructors who are rude or not very intuitive. If you've been to a studio before and you liked the way they taught (the biggest difference is usually imprint vs. neutral pelvis, or classical vs contemporary) then check and see what their background was! You can ask local studios what their method is, or just let them know what you like! It's worth looking into, but making sure that you have someone that you can click with personality and value wise can not be understated!!

If you're looking for an instructor that values personalized movement that feels good to you, and that you genuinely love, Let's chat!

I currently offer a few Virtual Pilates Private Sessions.

Book your complimentary virtual meet and greet and let's see if we are a good fit!


Looking for The Pilates Underground in Lake Forest? We've done a little rebrand and huge location change! We are still offering virtual private sessions on both the mat and reformer =)

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