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Consistency over intensity

Consistency over intensity... If you've been following me for a while now you have probably caught on to this theme. What's worked the best for me on my movement journey is setting goals of consistently checking in with myself and honoring what I need each and every day, instead of intensity goals (ie. how many calories will this workout burn).

I know what it feels like to have your energy levels plummet, to try to maintain a movement practice when everything around you is shifting and changing, and to have your movement goals not match up with what feels good/what you really need. In a time when a lot of our needs and resources have shifted, I'm even more drawn to the simple concept of taking care of ourselves daily, while giving ourselves permission to honor what we truly need.

Sometimes it may be a big sweaty Pilates workout, others it may be something slow and stretchy mat Pilates workout, and sometimes the answer is as simple as breathing.

Looking to get back into a movement routine? Let's start off on the right track by moving together in ways that leave you feeling amazing and wanting more. Each private Pilates session is tailored to you, your body, your energy levels, and goals. These can vary from session to session and we are here to guide you! Say goodbye to classes for the masses that leave you exhausted and wondering if you did anything right and hello to personalized sessions that leave you feeling taken care of.

Looking for more individualized feedback?

Check out our Private Pilates Sessions!

Now offering in-person Private Pilates sessions at our downtown New Braunfels, TX location.


Keep up your practice with Virtual Private Pilates Sessions from Lake Forest, IL

(or anywhere!).

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