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Permission to let go

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

My foundation is in STOTT Pilates. We all need to start somewhere and lay a base. But a few years ago I started giving myself permission to explore beyond that foundation and do some building of my own. My teaching style is definitely rooted in a contemporary approach, but has developed into a more intuitive and joyful approach to movement the longer I’ve taught.

I’ve learned over the years that sometimes less is more, letting go is more valuable then gripping up, and that movement should be joyful!!

There isn’t a right or wrong way to move, there are different ways that serve different purposes for different people. There is room for intuition when we let go of the idea of perfection. So I’d like to give you that same permission, to explore movement that feels good for you, today, right now!! Seriously, put the phone down and go get on your yoga mat, or carpet, or area rug and just let yourself move, without judgement and with respect for what your body needs.

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