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Finding the right online pilates workout...

I've noticed a large discrepancy from in-person Pilates studio sessions to virtual Pilates content. When you come into the studio or into your Pilates space virtually, I'm here to help YOU take care of YOU.

That often looks like on the spot programming. Your shoulder feels weird today, you want a strong workout but you also feel like your lower back is tight... Right then and there we start on a movement journey that matches where you are at and where you want to go. It's your space and I'm here to help guide you with the Pilates tools I have in my toolbox.

But what about when you want to press play and get moving in between your live sessions? Do you know what you need, and which videos will match your movement history and goals? It feels like a gamble or guessing game. Sometimes you find a video that was exactly what you needed, other times you find some videos that provide variety, like going to a drop-in class somewhere, and other times you can spend an hour trying to find what you are looking for and end up not moving at all.

I'm so excited to be creating content that I feel will help bridge that gap between studio experience and on-demand content. I will not be creating an endless video library leaving you to guess what you need or try to have to program for yourself.

My goal is to provide you with curated content that matches your goals! That's going to look like kits, where I've done the programming for you (just like if you were in the studio with me), so all you have to do is press play!

Check out our current online pilates workouts here...

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