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You are your own movement guru!

You are your own movement guru!!!

You know how to move your body, what feels good, what doesn’t, what you need today and what you don’t!

You don’t need someone telling you what you can’t do. You deserve someone supporting you and showing you how amazing you can feel, and how connected you already are.

Raise the bar in the fitness industry by partnering with instructors that partner with their clients and others!

That looks like instructs that support you on YOUR movement journey.

It looks like setting boundaries when “movement professionals” try to tell you how to live your life outside of your sessions.

It sounds like questioning movement instructors who discourage movement! (Like when they use scare tactics , saying all other forms of exercise are dangerous).

It may look like being cautious of movement instructors who claim to have they only way to move, to have found the only answer, or discourage you from moving in other ways you like (but that they don’t teach).

It means spending some time sharpening your own inner guru skills so you know what you need and can communicate with your instructor how they can support you!

If you are ready for a Pilates partnership with Pilates Instructor that cares about where YOU are at on YOUR movement journey, let's chat!

I'm currently taking on a few Virtual Pilates Private Sessions. Book a virtual meet and greet here to see if we are a good fit.

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