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6 Ways Pilates has changed my Peloton Experience

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Ever feel like you need a little more than your "Post Ride Stretch"?

Pilates and spin go so well together!! I was never consistent with spinning until we got our Peloton. Needless to say I now have a new addiction. I am also now feeling some new things in my body.

1. Hip Flexors and Hamstrings

I always do my post ride stretch after a class, but I often feel like I need a little bit more. I try to get into the studio, that day or the next, and stretch those out. We do this through a variety of moves on the reformer, that not only lengthen those areas but also strengthen them. Long lean muscle anyone? Yes please! 2. Hip Stability and Mobility Having done mainly Pilates for the past year, I have spent a lot of time working on hip mobility and stability. That means working tiny stabilizing muscles, in addition to larger ones. For the first time, out of the saddle I feel like by hips are stable while I"m up, and also have the mobility needed to move in that position! It feels sooooooo good to have all that Pilates work help me out in other movements outside the studio! 3. Lower Back & Core Strength In the past, I have felt that coming out of the saddle made my lower back very vulnerable. Pilates, once again, has helped me to develop the core strength, and postural awareness to stay out of my lower back. If I feel a twinge I'm able to readjust and find my neutral pelvis, or use a slight imprint (more oblique engagement). I feel my core more and not my back!

4. Posture!! Spinning just naturally makes me want to collapse in my upper body, and then it's a domino effect on the rest of my form. Being aware of my posture, my spine in one line, my shoulder blades stable on my back, my collarbone wide and my arms light has helped me to keep better form and posture during my rides!

5. Spinal Movement Love

I've been a bit obsessed with spinal mobility for a while now. My goal in each Pilates session is to get in all the mobilities of my spine, if nothing else. It feels so good, and when else do we take the time to do that for ourselves? Not very often. I've found a new appreciation for all of that movement. I love getting in the studio after a ride and opening up my chest, feeling my shoulders go from wanting to round forward to opening up, extending my upper back, twisting my spine, moving it laterally etc. I try to counteract being in the position spinning puts me in with my spine, by moving it in all directions in the studio. It's so important to cross-train, and Pilates has helped me feel more empowered in my spin classes!

6. My Pilates practice has been deepend

Now that I have the strength in my core and back, and mobility and stability in my hips to ride better and more often, I've noticed I'm getting stronger in some of my Pilates exercises!!!! I have really felt like these two movements have complimented each other so well,and I'm so excited to continue this journey!!

-All movement is good movement =)

Looking for a well rounded Pilates reformer routine to use in between your Peloton sessions? Try out this online Pilates reformer workout for free!

Need a little more one on one care to balance out your Peloton rides?

You can book Pilates Reformer Sessions at our New Braunfels, TX location, or virtual Private Pilates sessions all online, here.

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